I used to be ‘that weird girl’ in school. You know the one. Pasty complexion, four eyes, constantly drawing or reading something. I suppose I don’t blame my classmates for the label, you’re bound to raise a few eyebrows when you choose ‘spontaneous human combustion’ or ‘the fake moon landing’ as topics for oral presentations.  But high school has long since been filed under >got the t-shirt< and I have, I am happy to announce, come a long way since then. (Although I still religiously watch The X-Files and subscribe to more than a handful of conspiracy theories).

It took a lot of soul-searching, narrow escapes and many failed projects, to arrive at my current state of mind.  A destination, where I feel comfortable enough to accept every aspect, of my personality. To embrace everything I love and despise. To no longer label myself as ‘weird’, but rather as ‘unique’. A novel not yet completed or an artwork still in progress, but well worth the effort to finish. God makes no mistakes and I intend to life every day knowing it is a blessing to be alive.

Love dogs, love you and love to blog!!